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If a police officer is dispatched to a household, the odds are that it was for a domestic dispute involving violence. As one of the most common forms of criminal disputes, domestic violence charges often only require some evidence of injury on the alleged victim and an eyewitness to be taken to court. In many cases, however, people who have been charged with domestic violence were accused under false pretenses or incomplete conclusions based on assumptions.

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Sarasota, Florida, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. Domestic violence may not be eligible for expungement if a person pleads guilty. The Law Office of Wyndel G. Darville, PLLC can explain your options, help you protect your rights, and piece together the truth of the dispute. Call us now before it is too late to build your case.

Forms of Domestic Violence

When you think of violence, you will probably picture violent offenses and direct harm to someone. While this is the normal circumstance of a domestic violence charge, it is certainly not the only one. Some forms of domestic violence, as defined by Florida Statutes §741.28, include:

  • Assault and battery: Inflicting injury upon another with obvious intent to harm is considered assault of varying degrees. Threatening another with physical injury, even with a simple gesture, can be considered battery.
  • Sexual assault: Rape and assaulting a household member in a sexual manner can also be considered domestic violence.
  • Stalking: Following another person, even into private areas, to the extent that it causes them anguish is considered stalking and may be a form of domestic violence.
  • Kidnapping: If you hold a member of your family against his or her will, even if no physical harm is done at all, you will likely be charged with domestic violence for kidnapping.

Domestic Violence Penalties in Florida

The penalties for domestic violence charges in Sarasota can vary significantly based on the circumstances of each individual case. If the injured party is underage or an elderly individual, for example, an increase in punishment. While fines and jail time are the most obvious forms of penalty for domestic violence charges, a few others may be instituted, such as:

  • Restraining orders: Typically used when someone injures his or her spouse, restraining orders will limit where you can go and at what time you can go there. Violating a restraining order – even unintentionally – could result in further fines.
  • Child custody loss: You may lose the right to raise or visit your children if you are convicted of domestic abuse, even if the harm was not inflicted to any child. You will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you prove that you are not a danger to your children.
  • Punitive damages: Beyond fines for being charged with domestic violence, the accuser may seek financial compensation for any injury or trauma afflicted. It is often for this reason that people may knowingly and falsely accuse someone of domestic violence.

Who can help me with my domestic violence charges?

No matter the circumstances of your domestic violence case, you need to take immediate action. Do not rely on a state criminal defense attorney to protect you. You need someone who has compassion and experience. Our firm at The Law Office of Wyndel G. Darville, PLLC can give you personalized, unbiased legal counsel to help you come to a favorable outcome or settlement, all while taking stress and responsibilities off your shoulder.

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