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A criminal conviction in Florida is certainly going to negatively impact your life, your finances, and your future. What many people do not realize is that an arrest can be particularly harmful as well. When a potential employer or landlord interviews you and asks if you have ever been arrested for a crime, answering 'yes' can shatter your reputation and standing in their eyes.

At The Law Office of Wyndel G. Darville, PLLC, I can provide you with trustworthy and all-inclusive legal guidance to help you through the task of expunging your arrest record. When expungement is successful, the arrest, and conviction in some cases, becomes technically invisible to most anyone other than yourself.

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Eligibility for Receiving an Expungement

Not every alleged criminal act will be able to be expunged. Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has set a strict set of rules that regulate what can be expunged and for what reasons. For the most part, an arrest that did not lead to a conviction can be expunged; oppositely, a great deal of convictions will not be eligible, regardless of the crime or the details of the case.

Expungement may be deemed ineligible if:

  • You were found guilty of the crime in question.
  • The crime and charges in question are still undergoing trial.
  • You have previously expunged another conviction or arrest.
  • You have filed expungements for other cases that are not yet resolved.

Do not simply assume that expungement is not an option for you. In my years of experience in criminal defense, I have learned that for every reason something cannot be done in the eyes of the law, there is at least another reason as to why it can. Many times, all you need is the close and careful attention of a Sarasota criminal defense attorney on your side to review your record and expungement options.

Expungement Compared to Record Sealing

Expungement is not a word that you hear thrown around often, not even in a courtroom or other legal setting. When most people think about clearing up their criminal history, they talk about record sealing, unaware that there are major differences between expungement and sealing.

  1. Record sealing: An arrest or conviction is hidden from most public groups and private companies. If asked during an interview or while filling out an application if you have been arrested for a crime, you can legally say 'no' so long as all of your arrests have been officially sealed.
  2. Expungement: Not even government agencies will be able to see your arrests or convictions that have been expunged. Upon inspection, they may find that something has been expunged but learn nothing more without a court order to reveal the details.

Legal Help for the Expungement Process

If you live in Sarasota and need a criminal defense lawyer to lend a hand in the complicated, and usually convoluted, expungement process of Florida State, allow me to be your first choice of legal representation.

My time spent in the military made me passionate about protecting and serving those in need, and I would be honored to show you how that level of discipline and training has benefitted me and my legal practice. Contact me today and we can set up a free 30-minute consultation.

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