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Drug trafficking crimes in Florida are affected by complicated legislation and regulations. Selling an illicit substance or illegal drug is not the root of drug trafficking charges. Instead, the law is concerned with how much of a substance is found in your possession at the time of your arrest. Due to this vague yet strangely precise way of defining what constitutes drug trafficking, many people are charged with this drug crime every year despite having zero intent to sell or distribute any substances.

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Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Law enforcement agents need to know what you were allegedly trafficking before the potential penalties of a conviction can be determined. Some substances carry harsher penalties than others. Additionally, the more found at the time of arrest, the heavier the consequences. No matter what substance is in question, you are most likely going to get hit by a first degree felony.

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Penalties that you could expect if convicted of drug trafficking include:

  • Years in prison (mandatory minimum)
  • $5,000 and up in fines
  • Additional years of probation

Potential Defenses to Your Charges

At my law firm, we truly believe that no one should be judged for a crime without first being represented by a professional Sarasota criminal defense attorney. We also understand that there are always viable defenses to charges. By not ruling anything out and utilizing all available avenues, we may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped, or have the case dismissed entirely.

Defenses we may be able to use in your drug trafficking case include:

  1. Entrapment: Sometimes the police get too zealous to capture offenders and actually take steps to encourage them to commit crimes.
  2. Unlawful: Did the police have suitable reason to search and seize your property? If not, the Fourth Amendment may have been violated.
  3. Personal use: Bargaining for a reduced sentence on the grounds that the illegal drugs were just for your own personal use could reduce your charges from a felony to a misdemeanor.

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