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Theft is typically the crime of taking property from another party without appropriate consent and with the intent to keep it permanently. Merely attempting to take something in such a manner and not succeeding can be considered theft in Florida State law. It is in this gray area that theft charges may be contested, as criminal intent is not always clear or even present when an item is unduly taken from another. Additionally, if you are being charged with a theft crime, the accusing party or prosecutor would have to provide evidence that proves you were trying to keep the item permanently.

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Are There Degrees of Theft in Florida State Law?

Each state has its own considerations when it comes to defining the severity of a theft crime, and Florida has two main divisions:

  • Petit theft: If a stolen item is valued under $100, as typically the case in items taken through shoplifting, Florida courts define it as petit theft. Punishments for petit theft cannot exceed more than one year of jail time and more than $1000 in fines. Under certain circumstances, items valued under $300 may be considered as petit theft.
  • Grand theft: Items valued over $300, or any amount of a controlled substance (§ 812.014.), stolen constitute grand theft in the state of Florida, and can carry penalties of up to 30 years prison time and $10,000 in fines. It should be noted that an item with a value between $100-300 that is stolen from someone's private household can be considered as grand theft.

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