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Males and females of all ages can be charged with the crime of shoplifting. Many of our clients who are facing shoplifting charges do not have a prior criminal record and never expected that they would be accused of a criminal offense. In many cases, innocent individuals are even charged with this offense for a wide range of reasons.

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You May Be Facing Serious Penalties

Under Florida Statute § 812.014, punishments for shoplifting are discussed. This offense can either be charged as petit theft or grand theft depending on the value of the item that was taken. Penalties that the defendant faces are dependent on whether the individual has prior convictions on his or her criminal record. Effects of a theft crime can last for an extensive amount of time. If you have been charged, do not wait to obtain the criminal defense that you deserve with a Sarasota theft crime lawyer!

Shoplifting Defense Tactics

If you are hoping to prove the crime of retail theft, prosecution will need to prove that the person who was accused has actual and tangible evidence that the offense took place. Prosecution will also need to show that the defendant intended to deprive the merchant of the full value of the possession or service.

It will have to be proven that one of the following occurred by the defendant:

  • Took possession of / carried away merchandise
  • Transferred merchandise form one container to another
  • Altered / removed a label or price tag
  • Removed a shopping cart from a merchant's premises

There are a few theft crime defenses that can be used against the charge of retail theft or shoplifting. For instance, if the item was taken by accident or the defendant acted unknowingly, this may be a valid defense. During a free consultation, I can help you determine a solid defense and ensure that you your freedom is protected! If you qualify for expungement, we can also help.

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