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At my firm, I have taken on the duty of protecting the rights and interests of the criminally accused throughout the communities of North Port, Venice, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa. I am a former JAG officer and prosecutor, and I have served at over 150 jury trials. As a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II and a recipient of the Bronze Star for service, as well as serving as Senior Defense Counsel for the Army Reserve, I have an uncommon level of dedication and discipline. When I take on a case, my duty to my client is to protect that person through every legal means possible. This could include filing motions to suppress evidence or to have a case dismissed, reduce the charges, negotiating a plea agreement, or presenting a compelling, well-prepared case at trial in the pursuit of an acquittal. Criminal defense is an art, and I have the experience and knowledge you want on your side.

Are you facing charges and don't know where to turn? Call me and speak with me. I represent those who are facing either misdemeanor or felony charges, and my goal is to achieve a positive outcome, no matter how serious the case, or how much evidence may exist. As a former prosecutor, I am well aware that a case will have some errors. It is up to your criminal defense lawyer to identify those errors and exploit them for your defense.

Whether you are innocent, or were somehow involved in a crime, you have the right to an attorney, and you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies with the prosecutor, and it is my duty to challenge the facts, the evidence and the witnesses to open the door to reasonable doubt. Even an innocent person can be convicted without the assistance of a skilled criminal attorney. The conviction rate in our state is high; don't become a statistic. Make the right move and call my firm where you can talk to a seasoned professional that knows how to fight, and has a proven record of success.

There is no question that the skills of your defense lawyer make a difference in what happens to you in court. Many people have gone to prison merely because their attorney failed to find a strategy that could win at trial. You can trust my firm to work long hours, and to be fully and completely dedicated to your defense. Call today for more information.

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