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Are you facing criminal charges in Tampa?

Nobody is perfect, and bad things happen to good people. If you are facing DUI charges, you need to talk to a lawyer right away. If you retain a powerful Tampa DUI attorney, you have a much better chance of acquittal. I am a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney and I can help you if you are facing any type of criminal charge. If you are facing domestic violence charges or theft charges, I can defend you in court. While I was serving as a prosecutor, I worked on over 150 trials, and my well-rounded experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney has helped me to build compelling defense cases with successful results. I have represented clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges, from probation violation charges to murder charges.

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If you have been arrested for any type of crime, it is important for you to know your rights. You have the right to remain silent, which means you do not have to speak to law enforcement if they are questioning you. This is your right as outlined in the Fifth Amendment. The Sixth Amendment grants you the right to have your attorney present during questioning. Don't let police scare you into thinking you must talk to them as it is your constitutional right to decline their questions. Hire an aggressive Tampa criminal defense lawyer so that you have an attorney fighting for you. Remember, your freedom is hinged upon the success of your criminal defense lawyer. I founded my firm, The Law Office of Wyndel G. Darville, PLLC, to represent defendants in the Tampa area who are facing criminal charges.

Pursuing acquittal is my priority, and I will work diligently to effectively defend your case. Don't risk your freedom. Contact my firm today for skilled legal representation.

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Recent Case Results

A Firm Backed by a Proven Track Record
  • Aggravated Battery Dismissed

    Client was charged with Aggravated Battery (a 2nd-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison) that occurred at a public park. He was accused of striking an individual and breaking his jaw. Police were called...

  • Carrying a Concealed Firearm Charge Dropped

    Client was confronted by law enforcement regarding an outstanding warrant on an unrelated charge. She was in possession of a backpack with a purse on the inside. Search incident to arrest...

  • Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information Full Acquittal

    Client was accused of using personal identification information of third person for purposes of harassment. The Client was put on trial and the State introduced evidence of the alleged offense...

  • Domestic Battery Dismissed

    Client was accused of battering her boyfriend during a custody exchange. During the investigation...

  • Domestic Battery Case Dismissed

    Client was charged for a physical altercation with his wife. Upon further investigation by the defense time, we were able to show the prosecution, that it the client was acting in self-defense...

  • DUI Property Damage Case Dismissed

    Single car accident that took place on an exit ramp from a major interstate. Client was headed home from a social gathering in a steady rain lost control and hit a tree. Deputies arrived...

  • Felony Driving Under the Influence - 3rd DUI Incarceration Avoided

    Client was stopped in the middle of an off ramp from a major highway. Sheriff’s deputies made contact and through their investigation were able to establish probable cause for...

  • Misdemeanor DUI Charge Reduced

    Client was coming home from an evening with friends. He was pulled over by a member of the DUI Wolfpack for alleged speeding. Upon activation of the overhead emergency lights, the Client...

  • Stolen Property, Providing False Information, and Misdemeanor Violation of Probation Charges Dropped

    Client was charged with Dealing in Stolen Property for allegedly stealing and selling his girlfriend’s laptop computer. While investigators successfully obtained the necessary documentary...


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